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  • The Forgotten Giants Treasure Hunt

    If you have an hour or two spare in Copenhagen, then we suggest you go on the hunt for the “Six Forgotten Giants”. In the suburb of West Copenhagen, is a treasure hunt designed to bring people out to explore nature and find six giant recycle sculptures made from scrap wood.

    Local artist and designer Thomas Dambo, who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is known around the world for his beautiful and fun projects made out of recycled materials and trash, that are found in and around his city. His inspiration is to show that trash can be a resource and he was astounded at how much ply wood is thrown away from building sites on a daily basis. His work also includes furniture and interior design, as well as art projects such as “Happy City Birds”, where he built more than 3000 birdhouses and scattered them in cities across the world.

    The giant sculptures are a group effort, with local volunteers helping Dambo assemble the works. Each of the giants is named after a volunteer and can be found using a map Dambo prepared, or by a poem engraved into stones near the sculptures. Dambo says “It invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures, but also to discover hidden gems in nature.”

    The f ollowing link takes you to an interview with the artist about the project

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