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  • Sublime Design – Tingbjerg

    Tingbjerg Library and Culture House

    By Architect COBE for the City of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Opened in October 2018 this iconic building is located next to a school and is intended as a gathering place between the residential housing and green spaces.

    Tingbjerg is a modernist housing project built between the nineteen fifties and early seventies by architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen and landscape architect Carl Theodor Sørensen. At the time it was created to be an alternative to congested city living. All the houses were built in yellow brick and the area has its own school; church and shopping centre. Whilst being built, the area was meant as a model community, but this impression has changed over the years to the extent that it is now on the governments “ghetto list” with residents suffering high crime rates and social deprivation.
    This is the first new building to be constructed in Tingbjerg since 1983 and is a step into revitalising the challenged neighbourhood. The intention is for it to become a focal point, and a new social and cultural destination by promoting community integration and engagement.
    The building is designed as a large wedge-shape on four floors that at its narrowest, is just 1.5m wide. Internally the building is clad in warm wooden plywood that creates a striped pattern – a reflection of the exterior brickwork. The main foyer area extends vertically to connect all four floors into one space, with a series of balconies and niches. Within the single structure there are meeting rooms; a café; workshop areas, and a flexible space that can be adapted for concerts; meetings; lectures and drama/dance classes. Sliding doors allow the spaces to be reconfigured and the multi coloured glass facade towards the street, displays to the passers-by, the activities that are taking place.


    Images by Rasmus Hjortshøj


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