The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics headquarters are being based in the world’s largest steel mill.

Shougang Steel Mill is a complex of over 2200 acres of factories; blast furnaces; cooling towers and forges. Already almost completed this amazing project will house the administrative hub and national training facility as well as the ski jump and other sports. This project is an astounding display of how former industrial sites can be remade into fully functioning spaces for the 21st Century. Operating for more than a century this industrial monolith was the pride of the country but became a source of discomfort as China prepared for the 2008 Olympics with its billowing clouds of smoke and soot-stained surrounding areas just on the west side of Beijing. Because of this the site closed and has laid dormant ever since.

Part of the site has been given over to a vast number of green spaces and water. As a visitor you are able to look from the raised walkways over the former reservoirs as well as wander through the footpaths that twist all around the old building. Inside there is a museum dedicated to the Steel Mills own past based inside one of the blast furnaces; a Holiday Inn; exhibition spaces; bars and restaurants all carved out of the steel structure of its previous life. New buildings have been added to the site to allow for modern day usage such as the offices and the hotel, but all of have been designed with the existing buildings in mind. The jury seems to be split between the amazing reuse of the industrial former buildings against the blocky new additions of the ski jump and hockey stadium.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place form the 4th to the 20th February 2022