Serpentine Pavilion 2020, designed by Counterspace.
11 Jun 2020 to 11 Oct 2020

In the heart of Central London, in Kensington Gardens, are The Serpentine Galleries. They have presented new and contemporary work since the 1970’s and over that 50-year period they have advocated installations across the various specialties of art; architecture; design; fashion and digital media. In their commitment to provide artists, both established and emerging, a collaborative environment and a place to experiment and present their work, they allow artists to connect with the wider public.

Each year, an international architectural experimentation in the form of The Serpentine Pavilion is commissioned. With architecture a key aspect of their programme, they include the construction of this temporary building during the period June to October.

Counterspace, a Johannesburg based architectural firm has been selected to design the 2020 pavilion.

According to the Serpentine’s website –
Using both innovative and traditional building techniques, Counterspace’s design will be based on gathering spaces and community places around the city, folding London in to the Pavilion structure in Kensington Gardens and extending a public programme across London. The shapes of the Pavilion are created from a process of addition, superimposition, subtraction and splicing of architectural forms, directly transcribed from existing spaces, with particular relevance to migrant and other peripheral communities in London. 

Photos from Serpentine Gallery