If you happen to be visiting Singapore on your travels, one place to stop off at is The Oasia Hotel Downtown. Designed by Architects WOHA, with interior design by Spanish born Patricia Urquiola; this 27 floor, 314 room property, is in the centre of Singapore’s business district and stands out due to its exterior, which has been wrapped in a natural vine and creates a perpendicular green facade.

Conceived at the beginning of 2011, the project took another year before the building work began and was finished in April 2016.

This hotel boasts “sky gardens” – terraces on different levels which allow cross ventilation through the spaces, also making use of the reduced floor space that a building in this location is limited to. With amenities including a bar with 100 different types of gin; rooftop pools; gyms and exclusive lounges, this is a place to relax and recharge, or, if you have to work – a place to retreat to after the days work.

Winners of numerous 2017 and 2018 awards this property is a green tower in the heart of the concrete jungle, but within easy reach of the airport; shopping centres and the award-winning Gardens by the Bay.

Photos copyright of WOHA and Oasia Hotel Downtown