There is an estimated 50 million litres of wasted paint not used every year in the UK. That is enough to fill over 20 Olympic sized swimming pools. We are all guilty of buying paint for a project, and then putting the pots under the stairs; in the hallway cupboard; or in the outside shed, thinking “I’ll use the leftovers to retouch when necessary”. Apparently, in the UK there is an average of 17 opened paint tins stored in every household.

This is where “Community RePaint” comes into play – they are a national network of 74 projects, which aims to stop paint being discarded into landfill and provides a cheap way for low income families; community groups, etc. to freshen up their premises.

Paint is donated by the public and the manufacturers – and admittedly it is ‘hit or miss’ whether they have the colour you are after, and in the quantity you want, when you want it. Having said that, as the word spreads for this kind of recycling, there will be more available.

Prices are a fraction of what you will pay for new tins, and every tin is checked before being sold, to ensure that it is in good enough condition and the colour is as it should be.

Also on the scene, is a company called NewLife; whose founder is an industrial chemist who has managed, with a patented process, to take all types and colours of waste paint and combine them to make new colours – the line is called ReColour.