Government pledge £180 million Brownfield Land Release Fund

End of November saw the government issue a press release on the fund for new homes built on derelict land.

According to the press release “In the year to 30 June 2022, new build dwelling starts in England were estimated to be 180,820, a 5% increase when compared to the year to 30 June 2021”.  This is an unsurprising increase given the sluggish restart of the building industry a year ago as it came out of the pandemic lockdowns.

The government’s pledge of 300,000 new homes a year has never been achieved, although this has been in the manifesto since 2017. The highest number built is 242,000, which was in 2019/2020; just before the pandemic started. The total estimate of housing required is four million, which would mean 340,000 new builds every year until 2030. The research that came up with the four million number is based on factors such as housing all homeless people; those unable to afford to leave the family home; old housing stock that needs to be rebuilt due to unhealthy or dangerous infrastructure, as well as those unable to move to more suitable homes due to overcrowding.

The press release goes onto say “Thousands of new homes will be built on derelict land to create thriving communities and help level up the country. Up to £35 million allocated to help councils transform unused sites into high-quality, new homes. 59 regeneration projects from Exeter to Sunderland, set to support thousands of new jobs, drive local growth and level up the country. Forms the first phase of £180 million Brownfield Land Release Fund, which will continue to be rolled out over next two years”.