Online and in newspapers there is no shortage of companies and services willing to give their advice to you on how to live your life. How to save money and reduce energy consumption. But how much advice do we really need………..

Below are some links to a variety of articles written by diverse companies. Beware when cruising the internet as some companies hope to get you to click onto the other services they offer, which are fee driven.

From the daily newspapers
Move your fridge and drop the ‘shoulds’
37 expert tips to winter-proof your life – The Guardian

48 ways to save money including best apps and tips
The Sun

Block chimney, reposition furniture
and 13 more ways to winter-proof your home and cut your fuel bills
The Guardian

Ways to save money
20 simple ways to save money – Times Money Mentor

The banks are at it too
10 great money saving tips
Best ways to save money – Barclays

Everyday spending hacks

So are the financial services companies in Europe
How to save money
75 Tips from Raisin UK

Independent advice is always available from
Citizens Advice
Debt and money

Best ways to save money

Money Saving Expert
Tips, Tricks & Treats