The government department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, has released £4.3 million of funding to local councils, to help fund a campaign to contact landlords, who have some of the worst energy efficient properties. This money is destined to help advertise and raise awareness, that a minimum energy performance rating of “E” in privately rented homes, has been in force since April 2020. It is illegal for homes below that rating, to be let, unless landlords have a limited exemption (a historic listing for example). There is also a hefty fine of £5000 for landlords who do not comply. This fine is also £5,000 per property, and per breach, so multiple violations will become extremely expensive. Part of the help will include postal information and translation services where needed, as well as roadshows, radio ads, and newspaper articles.

The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy state that, some councils will be investing in drones, equipped with thermal imaging technology, to help with their inspections. Over 40,000 families are known to be living in cold, damp, and draughty properties, and this campaign is aimed, to ensure that landlords  invest in wall and loft insulation, double glazing, and upgrades to the heating systems where necessary. All of these will help towards reducing carbon emissions, and more importantly, help those on a lower income, with the rise in global gas prices.

The Business and Energy Minister, Lord Callanan, said:
“Heating our homes and buildings makes up almost a third of all carbon emissions, meaning, raising the energy efficiency of our properties is something we all have to contribute to, to help us build back greener, and reach our world leading climate ambitions.”

Deputy Council Leader of Darlington Council, Jonathan Dulston, said:
“We know that the vast majority of private landlords stick to the rules and provide good accommodation, but we are determined to crack down on rogue landlords, who do not care about their tenants, or the standard of their properties.”