The census collects information about households across England and Wales, every ten years. In line with current government safety guidelines, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) are encouraging everyone, where possible, to complete the 2021 census online. This can be done via mobile phone, tablet or PC’s, where there is help available via webchat, email, social media and text. There will also be trained staff that will allow people to complete the census over the phone, or at the last resort, by traditional paper form. You will receive an access code from the ONS which needs to be entered into their secure website. They will be in contact nearer the time with instructions as what to do.

You must complete the census by law. If you do not, or if you supply false information, you could be fined up to £1,000. However, some of their questions are clearly labelled as voluntary, and therefore it is not necessary to answer these if you prefer not to.

After census day and into the beginning of April, field officers from the Office of National Statistics will be visiting households which have not completed the form. For the 2011 census, 94% of the population of England and Wales completed the form but the government are urging everyone to take part this time, as the information it provides allow for the development and arranging of services in your area, including the funding of healthcare, transport and education. Businesses and charities can also benefit from the information contained in the census, helping them in deciding where to set up new bases that are needed, and therefore create job opportunities.