Assuming the world will eventually settle down into whatever the new norm will be, I would personally like to visit Japan for a variety of reasons, including its culture, which is a blend of eastern traditions with Western modernism. One of the places would be the fascinating MORI Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo.

This is a digital art museum full of amazing pieces of art (including music), that intermingle within each other, so they advise you to check out spaces more than once, as the installations can have changed since you were last in that room. A sneak at their website gives you a glimpse of what is on offer and a listing of the different collections they have on display.

Founded in 2001, TeamLab is a collaborative venture, using specialists in the fields of artists; programmers; computer graphic animators, as well as architects, to explore the relationship between yourself and your perception of the world through art. The company itself, describes themselves as – “An architectural group that explores new architecture and space; cities, for a new era; through digital technology, art, nature and people, biology, and that crosses architectural boundaries.”

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