OK……….. so we cannot do it now but when the “Big Apple”, New York, opens again for business, this is a store you might want to visit, even if you do not like Apple products.

Designed by Foster and Partners, the award-winning British architectural design and engineering firm, founded by Norman Foster and Spencer de Grey, this flagship headquarters for Apple, opened its doors to the public on September 20th, 2019.

Located on Fifth Avenue, on the edge of Central Park, this area started life as a sunken plaza during the 1960’s, that was filled in during the millennium. In 2006 the iconic glass cube and underground store were created as a testament to Apple’s presence. Apparently, the glass cube attracts more visitors annually than the Statue of Liberty!

The redesign started in 2015, and incorporates the entrance via a polished stainless-steel spiral staircase, which has 43 cantilevered mirrored stair treads. These are designed to support the floating cylinder of glass that encloses it. A circular lift also takes you down to the Grand Hall, which is twice the size of the previous incarnation. In the roof, mirrored “skylenses” and 62 skylights, help flood the once gloomy interior with natural light. The ceiling, with its cloud like curves, use natural and artificial light to mimic the tones of the day, and circles of lights around the skylights, allow products on the tables below to be highlighted.

Usually open 24 hours a day; 265 days a year; this store has 900 employees who speak over 30 languages.

More information and photos can be found at Apple.com