Mandatory electrical inspections by landlords and agents look certain to be approved by parliament in the next few weeks and become law on 1st June 2020. These rules will come into effect for new private tenancy agreements from July 1st this year, and existing tenancies from April 1st 2021.

For any new private tenancies, this will have to be carried out at the beginning of the tenancy and then every five years. For existing private tenancies, the properties will have to be inspected by 1st April 2021 and then every five years thereafter.

The fixed electrical installation is to be inspected and tested by a suitably qualified person, and the landlord or agent, is required to obtain a report of the results, and supply it to each tenant and keep a copy until the next inspection becomes necessary. Failure to comply can result in a fine for landlords of up to £30k. It is also worth mentioning, that a safety report may demand, more regular inspections than every five years. Copies of the last report must be given to new tenants before they take occupation, and any prospective tenant can also request a copy.

Letting agents and landlords will have 28 days to fix any problems that have been highlighted by the inspection.

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