Safe homes at ChristmasHere are some essential things to consider helping to ensure your home is safe whilst you are away.

  • If you are leaving your property empty for 14 days or more, it is always advisable to let your agent or landlord know, that way they can make arrangements to keep an eye on it. Check your lease as there may well be a clause saying that it is necessary to inform either the agent or landlord the property is empty for any length of time.
  • Ask a friend or trusty neighbour to check every now and then and pick up any post that may be lying on the floor.
  • Try to ensure any presents that are not being taken away and any items of value are not in full view of any potential thief.
  • Create an illusion that someone is in the property, have a couple of lights/lamps set on timers to come on randomly during the evening/night, you may also want to consider a radio coming on also. However don’t be tempted to leave Christmas trees lights on all the time.
  • Cancel any regular deliveries that you may have in place, newspapers, milk, vegetable boxes.
  • Don’t leave curtains closed as this can be a giveaway, consider dropping blinds down if you have them.
  • Ensure that all your windows are locked and the same for all doors.
  • Always ensure that your contents insurance is up to date, in most cases landlords contents insurance does not cover tenants possessions.